Hunter Valley – Your Perfect Agritourism Destination

Are you tired and sick in a usual classy hotel and resort? It’s about time to experience a unique destination, a place where you can experience the simple life of Filipinos – An Agritourism Destination.

From a classy resort, Hunter Valley is now converted to an Agritourism Destination. A place where you can relax, learn and enjoy. Nestled across the Sierra Madre Mountains and only three-and-a-half hour’s drive from Metro Manila makes it a perfect all-time destination.

Nueva Ecija is known by its Agricultural area with lots of farms and plantations including the 26-hectare mango plantation located at the new Hunter Valley.

Agri-nature is experienced at its best with Hunter Valley’s wide array of agri-facilities. Cultivate your knowledge with enjoyment on our Organic farming and ornamental plants like bromeliads with different varieties. Have fun and cultured in Chicken and Quail Egg Productions, breeding of Native and Bantam Chicken, piggery (piglets and fatteners), birds of different species like doves, love birds, cockatoos and fauna like peacocks, ostrich and the like.

What else can you look for? Come and visit the New Hunter Valley Agritourism with its educational tour packages and extraordinary weddings for couples and debuts for young ones.

Swimming Pools, Hotels, Cottages and Dormitories, Villas and other attractions are still available which best for retreat and recollection for students, training, seminar or team building for organization with absolutely unique getaway experience.

Experience all these in one place, at the new Hunter Valley – Your Perfect Agritourism Destination.