Historical Itineraries


Gapan – The first Augustinian mission in lowland Nueva Ecija was founded in Gapan in 1595. It is home to a Roman Catholic church of Byzantine architecture built from 1856 to 1872.  Gapan is also known as the “Footwear Capital of the North.”

Historic Barrio Labi (Bongabon) – The resthouse of the Quezon family is located in this barrio, along the National Highway going to Baler Aurora. It is also the place of death of Mrs. Aurora Quezon, wife of former Philippine President Manuel Luis Quezon.

Tabacalera of San Isidro – Centuries-old brick walls of the Tabacalera in San Isidro remain as witness to the Novo Ecijanos’ 100-year oppression, from 1782 to 1882, when the province became the center of the tobacco monopoly in Central Luzon and was thus restricted from raising other crops.

Gen Luna Statue and Marker (Cabanatuan City) – A statue of Philippine hero General Antonio Luna astride a horse stands at the plaza in front of the cathedral on the exact spot where the brave general was assassinated in 1899 in the city that adopted him subsequently.

Apolinario Mabini Marker (Cuyapo) – Site of the arrest of Philippine hero Apolinario Mabini, known as “the sublime paralytic,” by the Americans on December 10, 1899.

Trial House – Owned by revolutionary leader and Novo Ecijano General Manuel Tinio. Built during the early Commonwealth period, it features ornately designed turn-of-the-century furniture and a life-size figure of esteemed Nove Ecijano Don Kapitan Berong in stained glass.

Sedeco of San Isidro – The Grand Sedeco house in San Isidro, which General Emilio Aguinaldo frequented, marks this gallant town that has proven time and again to be cradle of Filipino heroes. It was here that General Frederick Funston planned the capture of Aguinaldo, first President of the Philippine republic, during the Philippine-American war.

Wright Institute of San Isidro – One of the first high schools established outside Metro Manila during the American period.

Dalton Pass – Located in Capintalan, Carranglan, the five-hectare area blessed with a cool climate houses the monument of General Dalton and a tower that borders the provinces of Nueva Ecija and Nueva Viscaya. Uphill is a WW II memorial in black marble where a historical account of the war had been etched in English and Japanese.

Camp and Shrine Pangatian (Cabanatuan City) – The Pangatian Concentration Camp is a project of the Provincial Government of Nueva Ecija and it serves as a memorial park to Filipino soldiers who effectively prevented the Japanese reinforcements from proceeding to the Pangatian Concentration camp thus liberating the 516 allied prisoners of the second world war. The event was considered one of the successful rescue missions of its type in the annals of US military mission.

The camp contains monuments and memorabilias of the event that transpired during that time. The roof deck of its building contains a large mural of Filipino and American soldiers carrying each other arms-in-arms in battle.

And to attract younger generations, the camp also has a military-themed playground for kids to play.

Adjacent to the Concentration Camp is the more popular Pangatian Shrine. This shrine commemorates and gives honors to the Filipino and American soldiers who died during the Second World War. This used to be a military training camp for twenty years but was converted into a concentration camp for Allied Prisoners of War during the Japanese occupation. Some of the supervisors of the infamous Bataan Death March from Bataan to Corregidor in April to May 1942 were imprisoned here. The Camp is popular tourist destination area for the veterans of WWII and their families who visit our country.

Aquino-Diokno Wax Museum (Fort Magsaysay, Palayan City) – Found inside the Fort Magsaysay, the museum showcase the places where the former Senator Benigno Aquino Sr. and Jose W. Diokno were held on confinement during the Martial law days. The confinement was due to the two great men opposition of former President Ferdinand Marcos authoritarian rule during that time.